The Skill of Gesturing

Gestures can express an attitude. Gestures are usually right underneath our conscious awareness. When we bring attention to gestures that are self-calming, not self-harming, we have something that we carry around with us every hour of the day that can help calm us. Some of us twiddle our thumbs. Some of us stroke our hair. Some of us may rest a thumb on top of another thumb and gently stroke it. These are all examples of gestures that can be self-soothing.

For a few moments, think about a gesture that you make that could be self-soothing for you. As you think about it, see if you can make that gesture and then pay attention to what happens on the inside.

If you don't know what your self-soothing gesture is, sometimes family members may have seen you make a movement that they may be aware of what your self-soothing gesture is.