The Skill of Tracking

Tracking means noticing what's happening in your body. Most of us don't know how to describe sensations, but it is very helpful to learn the language of sensation because that's how we "talk" to the nervous system. Tracking helps you to learn how to bring balance back into your nervous system by managing inner sensations.

At first you may only be aware of uncomfortable sensations. But there are usually places in your body that are not in distress or are in less distress, or even feel good. To get back into your Resilient Zone, it is necessary to pay attention to places of more comfort in your body. This will help you put the brake on if the accelerator is stuck on high. Paying attention means you notice the sensations inside as you focus on those parts of your body that are less distressed, neutral, or positive (calm and more relaxed).

If you have many symptoms because you have been bumped out of your Resilient Zone, your own body can feel like the enemy. Tracking inner sensations, even ones that are comfortable, can be difficult at first. As you get more experience in tracking, finding inner sensations of comfort will get easier and easier for you.

The "language of sensation" refers to using words that help you describe what you are noticing inside. Sensations tell us what is happening within the nervous system. Sensation words like warm, cold, tingly, buzzy, tight...and sensation words that you create to describe what you are noticing.

As your body comes into balance, you may notice what is called nervous system release. Some examples of release sensations are heat or warmth or cooling down, tingling in hands, arms and/or legs, shaking or trembling within your body, deeper breathing, crying, laughing, burping and stomach gurgling, itching, and yawning.

Nervous system release is a biological process that happens automatically. It is a sign that your body is letting go of blocked stress energy. It is a good thing when it happens but it can be unsettling unless you understand the purpose of release, which is to bring balance back to your nervous system.

If you notice any of the sensations of release, just let them happen. Release sensations are a way that your nervous system lets go of stress energy that has gotten locked into your body.

If the release sensations are too strong, you can consciously stop them and notice the urge to release, without allowing all the energy to be let out at once. This can be a way of slowly letting the body release.